Velovations is working with Dr. Steve Elmer, from Michigan Tech’s Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology Dept, to improve Dr. Elmer’s RENEW-U ergometer.
 ergometer usage diagram
The first version of the RENEW-U ergometer serves as high-muscle force low-energy cost exercise for training muscles in the upper-body. While the ergometer works well for able-bodied individuals, it is not especially designed for wheelchair users. That is, the limited adjustability, close proximity of the frame to the head/face region, and lack of chain guard to protect the hands make it difficult to utilize this equipment with individuals in wheelchairs. In addition, due to some of the specialized features and control with this research grade device it is quite large and heavy making it difficult to move and transport. Velovations has been tasked to build the next generation prototype so that RENEW-U can be used with wheelchair users. Specifically, we would like to reduce the size of the ergometer, enhance the adjustability, and improve the safety of the RENEW-U ergometer.  With these improvements in mind, we believe that long term RENEW-U will be a cutting-edge rehabilitation and training modality for wheelchair users.